9 Tips for Renting a Holiday House in Park City

9 Tips for Renting a Holiday House in Park City

It can be a difficult task to rent a holiday house. Finding the perfect house takes bit of a time. Planning ahead is the key to successfully rent a house before your holiday. Here are some tips that you can consider:

#1 Start looking for houses early. Especially during peak season, you won’t get anything available if you don’t start early. Planning at least 6 months ahead will do you good.

#2 Consult multiple sources for information. By talking to many people you will get a good deal. Consult multiple websites and talk to several real agents.

#3 After you’ve found your desired home, read the contract thoroughly. Find out what fees are included, for example, utility bills, internet bills, etc. You should know about the landlord’s policies as how to pay the bills or regarding keeping your pet at home.

#4 Try to negotiate the price. Don’t just accept the offer straight away. You might get a better deal!

#5 Don’t forget to claim the deposit that you have paid. This should be included in your budget.

#6 Make sure you know the housekeeping rules. Ask your homeowner whether someone will be coming over periodically to clean the house, or it will be cleaned by a clean at the end of your stay.

#7 You should take photograph of the house when you arrive. This helps you prove any damage asked by the home owner. Sometimes, owner claim damages that you haven’t done, probably it was there before. So your photograph can save you from paying extra damage cost.

#8 Get the owner’s number. During your stay if you have any problem, like a water leakage, you can contact the owner for help.

#9 Before leaving the house, make sure everything is clean and in proper condition.

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