The Joy of Renting Park City Real Estate

Many people seeking luxury living and an active, outdoors lifestyle find themselves in the market to rent Park City real estate in order to make this lifestyle a reality. This is a true statement because Park City combines luxury living with outdoors activities including skiing, golfing, hiking and swimming. This type of lifestyle is by no means cheap to come by. But nothing that is worth while ever is. That being said, there are ways to achieve this lifestyle that are less expensive than others. The best way to do this is to rent a property rather than to purchase it outright.


There are many advantages to renting property in Park City as opposed to purchasing it. The first and most obvious advantage is that renting a property requires a lower outlay of cash to enjoy the experience. Not only is renting less expensive than buying but it in many ways is less of a hassle. A renter does not have to worry about insurance, paying a mortgage and property taxes. Nor does a renter have to worry about costs and effort associated with the upkeep and repairs of the property on a yearly basis.

When you rent a property, part of what you are paying for is to let another person worry about all the issues associated with home ownership. When these worries are cast aside the overall enjoyment of the experience is heightened. Moreover, when you rent a property you are not tied down to it. If the property happens to be not to your liking, at the end of the lease you can walk away. On the other hand you are also free to renew the lease if the property happens to actually be to your liking.

Rent in Park City Lift

A brand spanking new gondola has added quite a bit to the Park City Lift rental market. Designed to connect the Park City Ski Resort with the Canyons Ski Resort, the gondola has made the Park City Mountain into the largest ski resort in the entire U. S. A. Renting a home in Deer Valley will give you excellent access to this fantastic ski resort.


The Park City Lift community combines fantastic luxury real estate with world class skiing and golfing. Many rental properties will provide for ski in and ski out accommodations making for a very convenient and easy way to hit the slopes in the morning and then hit the hay at the end of the day.

The Park City metro area including Deer Valley currently adds upwards of half a million dollars yearly to the Utah economy. Much of the income generated by this vibrant tourist destination comes directly from the Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the largest independent film festivals in the world. When the film festival is not in full swing, Park City is still alive with many retailers, clubs, bars, and fine dining restaurants. Furthermore, the Park City metro area contains many beautiful natural features including lakes, hot springs, untouched forests combing with many hiking and biking trails.

When one thinks of all of the attractions and natural beauty it is no wonder why the Park City rental market is so competitive compared to other resort areas in the country. Renting a property situated amidst this natural wonder will make any vacation enjoyable. True, it might be a little more expensive than other areas but there is a good reason why it is more expensive. Come and see for yourself!

Renting Deer Valley Real Estate Allows Skiers to Do What They Love

Deer Valley real estate is very popular among people in the market to both rent or buy luxury and contemporary style homes. The reason real estate in Deer Valley is so popular is because of its location in the Park City region. The Park City area is world famous for being the largest ski resort in the entire United States of America. One of the best examples of world class ski resorts in the region is the Vail ski resort. World famous for linking two of North America’s greatest ski areas, the Vail resort boasts over 7,300 acres as well as three hundred and fourteen ski runs. This enables skiers of every ability level to enjoy skiing in Park City, Utah.

Owning Deer Valley Real Estate Allows Skiers to Do What They Love

Moreover, the Vail ski resort has implemented a fifty million dollar capital improvement plan which includes the brand new Quicksilver Gondola which now connects the Park City ski resort with the Canyons ski resort. This provides both skiers and snow boarders alike with a varied selection of terrains, dining, as well as after ski venues. And Vail is only one of many ski resorts in the Park City region which is available for owners of real estate situated in Deer Valley.

Not many people have the resources to afford real estate in the Park City or Deer Valley region. It is truly a privilege (to say the least) to be able to enjoy this level of comfort, luxury and entertainment. Therefore, if one does have the resources and the inclination to purchase real estate in this wonderful region in certainly behooves them to purchase the best real estate they can. Obviously, what is best for any one person will vary according to their needs and distinct characteristics. Fortunately, Deer Valley has a wide variety of options to choose from.


9 Tips for Renting a Holiday House in Park City

Park City Vacation Rentals

It can be a difficult task to find a suitable Park City vacation rental. Finding the perfect house takes bit of a time. Planning ahead is the key to successfully rent a house before your holiday. Here are some tips that you can consider:

#1 Start looking for houses early. Especially during peak season, you won’t get anything available if you don’t start early. Planning at least 6 months ahead will do you good.

#2 Consult multiple sources for information. By talking to many people you will get a good deal. Consult multiple websites and talk to several real agents.

#3 After you’ve found your desired home, read the contract thoroughly. Find out what fees are included, for example, utility bills, internet bills, etc. You should know about the landlord’s policies as how to pay the bills or regarding keeping your pet at home.

#4 Try to negotiate the price. Don’t just accept the offer straight away. You might get a better deal!

#5 Don’t forget to claim the deposit that you have paid. This should be included in your budget.

#6 Make sure you know the housekeeping rules. Ask your homeowner whether someone will be coming over periodically to clean the house, or it will be cleaned by a clean at the end of your stay.

#7 You should take photograph of the house when you arrive. This helps you prove any damage asked by the home owner. Sometimes, owner claim damages that you haven’t done, probably it was there before. So your photograph can save you from paying extra damage cost.

#8 Get the owner’s number. During your stay if you have any problem, like a water leakage, you can contact the owner for help.

#9 Before leaving the house, make sure everything is clean and in proper condition.

If you’re thinking about visiting Park City you have to check out this latest video about our city. It really is as beautiful and amazing as it looks.

Office Space? Check Out What Park City Has To Offer

Office Space? Check Out What Park City Has To Offer

Park city is a relatively small place in Summit County, Utah. It may be small, but don’t let the size of the place fool you. Park City offers a lot of perks that can’t be found elsewhere in the United States, and even the rest of the world.

Perhaps you know that already, that’s why you are already thinking of searching for “office space Park City” in Google or some other search engine. Perhaps, you are thinking of getting an office space in Park City, but not quite sure yet. Well, let this article show you the perks of having an office space in Park City, Utah.

Resort Town

At its core, Park City is a resort town. That alone should tell you why it’s a good idea to have an office space in the area.

Being a resort town, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. And, you know what they say, the less stress you have, the more productive you will be.


I know what you are thinking – a resort town is usually far from any major metropolitan area. Of course, as you are looking for an office space, you still need to be connected to the rest of the world. Also, you might need to travel to a different location for a business trip, and you certainly don’t want to drive for hours just to get to an airport.

Thankfully, Park City is not the usual. In fact, Park City is just 35 miles away from Salt Lake International Airport. It’s almost unbelievable such a beautiful and relaxed place is so close to an international airport.

You could be checking your email at your office in Park City in the morning, and by lunch you could be at New York for a business meeting.


Let’s get real here; gas money is a big expenditure. Even if you think it’s not a big of a deal as you can afford it, but once you see how much money you are spending on gas in a single year, you will be asking yourself “is there a better way?”

Well, Park City has an excellent public transportation system. This means that you can get around the city without using a car. You will be saving a lot of money in terms of gas expenditures.

Park City has a lot to offer if you are looking for an ideal office space. With big advantages such as being a resort town, accessibility and convenient transportation, it’s no wonder that more and more office spaces in Park City are getting occupied.

Colonel Patrick Edward Connor’s Contribution to Park City

Standing on Main Street amidst the commercial real estate of Park City, Utah I find it sometimes hard to believe that this area was once quite different. I am a history buff and recently I read about Colonel Patrick Edward Connor who administered the District of Utah from Camp Douglas in 1862. At the time there were rumors that the Mormons lead by Brigham Young living in the area were conspiring to establish an independent Kingdom called Deseret that would encompass the lands comprising modern day Utah, Nevada, northern Arizona, southern California and parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

While stationed in Utah Colonel Connor acted as a force to counterbalance the power of the Mormon Church. In this capacity he provided protection for non-Mormons living in the territory as well as Mormons wishing to leave the church. It is well documented that Colonel Conner’s heart was never in his mission because he and the men of his detachment wished to be fighting for the Union in the U.S. Civil war raging in the eastern United States at the time. However, while in his post he performed competently by signing a treaty that concluded hostilities with the local Indian tribes as well as discovering the rich silver mines in the region near present day Park City.

Colonel Patrick Edward Connor continued at his post commanding the District of Utah until it became merged with the District of the Plains in March of the year 1865. This new district was established per his suggestion and became a subset of the Department of the Missouri. The Department of Missouri was comprised of the former districts of Utah (which was renamed West Sub District), Nebraska (renamed East Sub-District), Colorado (renamed South Sub-District), and the Territory of Idaho (renamed North Sub-District). At this time Colonel Connor was named commander of the new District.

Obviously, the area comprising the commercial real estate of Park City was quite different during the time of Colonel Connor. For one thing the area was hardly populated until the silver deposits he discovered were mined. It is so easy to go about my daily life unaware of the rich history of this land. Sometimes I like to stop and appreciate it all which is why I read about Colonel Connor in the first place.


Buying and Leasing Commercial Real Estate

The decision to buy or lease commercial real estate in the Park City region requires the consideration of several competing variables.

One factor to consider is the fact that cost of rent can change from lease to lease depending on the market. On the other hand, the yearly price of owning a property tends to be more constant. It is difficult to know whether a property will remain suitable for a particular business for an extended period of time. This will depend on the type of business and its unique requirements.

Renters have less control over repairs. Conversely, buyers of Park City commercial real estate will maintain this control. Renters are at the mercy of the landlord who may elect to end the lease. On the other hand renters may find it easier to relocate than buyers if the location proves to be less than ideal.

Over time a buyer will gain equity in a property. Renters will not. Renters may be able to deduct rent as a business expense. However, purchasers of commercial real estate may be able to deduct property depreciation and mortgage interest. Taxes, however, can go up based on a number of factors which may have a greater impact on a buyer.

Finally, the decision to buy or lease might be impacted by the anticipated ease of the initial transaction. Typically, negotiating a rental agreement is much faster than negotiating a sale of real estate. Credit rating requirements are also lower for leasing than for buying. Moreover, leasing generally requires less upfront cash than needed when purchasing a property. Obviously, liquid cash reserves are important to the operation of a business.

The decision to buy or lease property is complicated and all these factors should be considered prior to making the decision in order to optimize chances for a positive outcome.

Salt Lake City International Airport is an Important Asset for Park City

The close proximity between Park City and Salt Lake City International Airport is a boon to the commercial real estate of Park City, Utah. Because the airport is so close, it makes Park City an easy tourist destination to visit for travelers all around the United States and the rest of the world. Physically, the airport sits approximately four miles to the west of downtown Salt Lake City and only twenty-one miles away from Park City. This distance is an easy half hour commute by car.

Salt Lake City International Airport is one of America’s most important travel hubs. It is the regional airport for two and a half million travelers. All told the airport is the fifteenth most active airport in the country and twenty-fourth most active worldwide. It has been recorded that in 2014 the airport averaged 900 take offs and landings combined per day. The airport also functions as one of Delta Air Line’s major hubs in the United States. Other airlines using Salt Lake City International Airport include Delta Connection, SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Salt Lake City International Airport enjoyed a stellar record in 2014 as first in the nation for timely arrivals and departures as well as having the second fewest flight cancelations. In addition the airport is efficiently managed as is evidenced by the fact that it is the only major airport in the United States of America without any outstanding debt obligations.

It is no coincidence that the commercial real estate in Park City enjoys so much foot traffic, given the ease of access to the region that the Salt Lake City International Airport provides to travelers around the world. If that last sentence reads like a mouthful it is because it is a mouthful. But that should in no way mitigate the beneficial relationship Park City enjoys with the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Tourism is a Strong Economic Driver of Park City, Utah (public domain image)

Many tourists visit Park City every year. Among the many sights and events Park City has to offer, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most well known. The festival takes place in the month of January over the course of 10 days during which more than 200 films are shown to upwards of 45,000 people. These numbers make it the highest attended venue for independent films in the United States. As a result, foot traffic in and around commercial real estate in Park City tends to spike during the time of the Sundance Film Festival.  

The history of the Sundance Film Festival dates back to 1978 when Robert Redford chaired its first incarnation in Salt Lake City. At that time the name of the festival was called “The US Film Festival” then renamed “The Utah/United States Film Festival.” In 1981 the film festival moved from Salt Lake City to Park City supposedly because of Park City’s relatively less strict alcohol regulation and proximity to ski resorts. Ten years later the festival was again renamed “The Sundance Film Festival” in honor of Robert Redford’s role as the Sundance Kid in the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Many well known directors of independent films launched their careers at the Sundance Film Festival. For example, Quentin Tarantino showed Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and Kevin Smith showed Clerks in 1994. Both directors have gone on to extremely successful careers and commercial success.

The Sundance Film Festival is infuses approximately $80,000,000 into Park City’s economy every year. Because Salt Lake City International Airport is only a 45 minute commute away, Park City is a convenient location to get to. For this reason along with other tourist attractions including world class skiing contribute to making tourism one of the main economic drivers for Park City. As such, it is no wonder why most commercial real estate in Park City is connected to the tourism industry in some way.

Why Rent Should You Rent Instead of Buy?

blog1Home owners had a crisis recently. They were unable to pay mortgages because of economic downturn. Home rates dropped during the recession period. After this period, rents are rising. So, it seems like a better idea to rent house than to own one.

Cost: Mortgage costs are really high. You can avoid situations that happened during the period of recession by renting house instead. Renting house allows you to move freely, without worrying to pay mortgage fee or worrying about interests going up.

Inflation: It is a crisis that economies face now and then. You don’t have the risk of going bankrupt if you rent house instead of owning it.

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of New House.

Interest rates: You don’t have to worry about the increased interest rate and the fact that these rates accelerate when you fail to pay your mortgage fees.

Taxes: You don’t need to worry about taxes. Paying taxes are often a big hassle at the end of the year. So, if you rent a house, you are exempted from this trouble.

Renovation: Homes often need renovation works, which can be very expensive. If you rent home, you won’t have to worry about any renovation works.

The home owner will do it for you. Some special features like making the house more energy efficient, or changing the roofing may require lot of work. If you rent a house, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

Debt: There is no question of getting into debt when you rent a house. You only pay the monthly charges, and if you are out of money just move into a cheaper accommodation. Unlike, home owners who often accumulate debt in order to pay their mortgage fees, renting homes keep you free from everything.

All these factors indicate that renting home is better than owning one.