Salt Lake City International Airport is an Important Asset for Park City

The close proximity between Park City and Salt Lake City International Airport is a boon to the commercial real estate of Park City, Utah. Because the airport is so close, it makes Park City an easy tourist destination to visit for travelers all around the United States and the rest of the world. Physically, the airport sits approximately four miles to the west of downtown Salt Lake City and only twenty-one miles away from Park City. This distance is an easy half hour commute by car.

Salt Lake City International Airport is one of America’s most important travel hubs. It is the regional airport for two and a half million travelers. All told the airport is the fifteenth most active airport in the country and twenty-fourth most active worldwide. It has been recorded that in 2014 the airport averaged 900 take offs and landings combined per day. The airport also functions as one of Delta Air Line’s major hubs in the United States. Other airlines using Salt Lake City International Airport include Delta Connection, SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Salt Lake City International Airport enjoyed a stellar record in 2014 as first in the nation for timely arrivals and departures as well as having the second fewest flight cancelations. In addition the airport is efficiently managed as is evidenced by the fact that it is the only major airport in the United States of America without any outstanding debt obligations.

It is no coincidence that the commercial real estate in Park City enjoys so much foot traffic, given the ease of access to the region that the Salt Lake City International Airport provides to travelers around the world. If that last sentence reads like a mouthful it is because it is a mouthful. But that should in no way mitigate the beneficial relationship Park City enjoys with the Salt Lake City International Airport.