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9 Tips for Renting a Holiday House in Park City

It can be a difficult task to find a suitable Park City vacation rental. Finding the perfect house takes bit of a time. Planning ahead is the key to successfully rent a house before your holiday. Here are some tips that you can consider: #1 Start looking for houses early. Especially during peak season, you won’t get anything […]

Office Space? Check Out What Park City Has To Offer

Office Space? Check Out What Park City Has To Offer Park city is a relatively small place in Summit County, Utah. It may be small, but don’t let the size of the place fool you. Park City offers a lot of perks that can’t be found elsewhere in the United States, and even the rest […]

Colonel Patrick Edward Connor’s Contribution to Park City

Standing on Main Street amidst the commercial real estate of Park City, Utah I find it sometimes hard to believe that this area was once quite different. I am a history buff and recently I read about Colonel Patrick Edward Connor who administered the District of Utah from Camp Douglas in 1862. At the time […]

Buying and Leasing Commercial Real Estate

The decision to buy or lease commercial real estate in the Park City region requires the consideration of several competing variables. One factor to consider is the fact that cost of rent can change from lease to lease depending on the market. On the other hand, the yearly price of owning a property tends to […]

Tourism is a Strong Economic Driver of Park City, Utah

Many tourists visit Park City every year. Among the many sights and events Park City has to offer, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most well known. The festival takes place in the month of January over the course of 10 days during which more than 200 films are shown to upwards of […]

Why Rent Should You Rent Instead of Buy?

Home owners had a crisis recently. They were unable to pay mortgages because of economic downturn. Home rates dropped during the recession period. After this period, rents are rising. So, it seems like a better idea to rent house than to own one. Cost: Mortgage costs are really high. You can avoid situations that happened […]