Rent in Park City Lift

A brand spanking new gondola has added quite a bit to the Park City Lift rental market. Designed to connect the Park City Ski Resort with the Canyons Ski Resort, the gondola has made the Park City Mountain into the largest ski resort in the entire U. S. A. Renting a home in Deer Valley will give you excellent access to this fantastic ski resort.


The Park City Lift community combines fantastic luxury real estate with world class skiing and golfing. Many rental properties will provide for ski in and ski out accommodations making for a very convenient and easy way to hit the slopes in the morning and then hit the hay at the end of the day.

The Park City metro area including Deer Valley currently adds upwards of half a million dollars yearly to the Utah economy. Much of the income generated by this vibrant tourist destination comes directly from the Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the largest independent film festivals in the world. When the film festival is not in full swing, Park City is still alive with many retailers, clubs, bars, and fine dining restaurants. Furthermore, the Park City metro area contains many beautiful natural features including lakes, hot springs, untouched forests combing with many hiking and biking trails.

When one thinks of all of the attractions and natural beauty it is no wonder why the Park City rental market is so competitive compared to other resort areas in the country. Renting a property situated amidst this natural wonder will make any vacation enjoyable. True, it might be a little more expensive than other areas but there is a good reason why it is more expensive. Come and see for yourself!